Exercise & Education

Exercise & Education

At Neurocore, our team of health care practitioners are focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals, regardless of mobility level or previous experience with exercise.

neurocore physiotherapy - exercise & education

Helping to attain your goals.

Our staff integrates a wide variety of fitness equipment into your rehabilitation program to best suit your needs. Through the use of safe and effective exercise, you will become equipped with the tools to create impactful change and return to the activities you love.

Personal Training

Our clinic offers individualized training programs tailored to your goals – whether it is to improve your conditioning, train for a specific event or simply explore new movement patterns while being coached and motivated by a healthcare professional.  Our goal is to build your confidence as you meet various fitness milestones.

The Neurocore team is motivated to help you reach your fitness goals, including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Sport-Specific Training
  • Pilates & NeuroPilates
  • Accessible Exercise

Our clients who choose these programs often want to progress their physical conditioning but may have an injury that has limited them. Our therapists are exceptional at combining hands-on therapy with a conditioning exercise program that you can easily integrate into a home routine.

Return to Sport

Care and proper management following your injury is very important!

Our clinic offers return to sports programming with our comprehensive injury specific training system for athletes recovering from an injury or surgery. Our program is for athletes of all ages and abilities.

All athletes will receive sport specific and athlete specific training programs such as:

  • Pain and symptom reduction
  • Restoration of range of motion and strength
  • Sport specific strength and conditioning
  • Mobility exercises
  • Balance, coordination and agility