Amputee Rehabilitation

Bold. Brave. Be.

Our approach to amputee rehabilitation is holistic and multi-faceted. We focus on your personal goals and develop a plan to help you reach the most optimal and efficient level of function. 

What does amputee rehabilitation at Neurocore consist of?

  • Manual therapy and modalities to help you with scar management and pain control of residual limbs
  • Mirror Therapy to address Phantom Limb pain (if present)
  • Exercises to improve your overall flexibility, strength, balance, core stability and endurance
  • Individualized programs to restore walking with or without a gait aid/prosthesis
  • Working closely with your prosthetists to ensure the prosthetics are well fitted for your current level of function
  • Transfer of function to the community

How is amputee rehabilitation transferred to the real world?

Our therapists recognize the emotional and social challenges that accompany the adjustment process to an amputation. To better address these concerns, goal-oriented therapy is central to rehabilitation.

Therapy includes therapists accompanying you to the community to transfer the physical skills gained in the clinic to activities that are meaningful to your well-being in daily life. Our therapists can help you resume activities in your communities such as dancing, jogging, swimming, cycling, and any other sport or leisure activity of interest.