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Welcome to Neurocore

Since 2008, we have been assessing and treating clients from young children to older adults with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Our premier, fully accessible 5600 square foot facility located in the heart of Richmond Hill, ON offers both private rooms as well as an open gym space. We also in-home, at work and hospital visits. With over 20 personalized therapy services and areas of practice, our focus is to ensure the very best in quality one-to-one care and support for all of our clients.

Our Services

neurocore - physiotherapy services
Neurocore physiotherapy - registered massage therapy
Neurocore Physiotherapy - chiropractic care
Neurocore Physiotherapy - Garuda
Neurocore Physiotherapy - nutrition
neurocore physiotherapy - vestibular rehabilitation
neurocore physiotherapy - bioflex laser therapy

Our Clinicians are Trained in the Following
Areas of Practice

neurocore physiotherapy - neurological rehabilitation
neurocore physiotherapy muscular and skeletal rehabilitation 600px square
neurocore physiotherapy - home and community rehab
Neurocore Physiotherapy - facial stretch therapy
neurocore physiotherapy - accupuncture
Neurocore physiotherapy - pelvic floor rehabilitation
Neurocore physiotherapy - amputee rehabilitation
Neurocore Physiotherapy - PoNS
Neurocore Physiotherapy - Gait and Custom Orthotics
neurocore physiotherapy - exercise & education
Neurocore Physiotherapy - recreational therapy
Neurocore Physiotherapy - craniosacral therapy